Classic Chemical Purification Method Producing Ammonium Paratungstate

Ammonium Paratungstate Picture

The classic chemical purification method to prepare ammonium paratungstate (APT) has a long process, which is going through purification of crude sodium tungstate, producing tungstic acid from sodium tungstate and then to get ammonium tungstate, then getting APT by evaporation crystallization, with the process like bellow:

1. Transfer tungsten to liquid phase by the form of sodium tungstate (Na2WO4) from tungsten concentrate by sodium carbonate (NaCO3), and then go on filtration, leaching, pressure filtration process to obtain crude sodium tungstate solution, the reaction equations are as following:
Na2CO3+FeWO4=FeO↓+ Na2WO4+CO2
Na2CO3+MnWO4=MnO↓+ Na2WO4+CO2↑;
2. Add calcium chloride (CaCl2) solution after the crude sodium tungstate solution is purified to deposit calcium tungstate (CaWO4), which is the artificial scheelite, the reaction is as follows:
Na2WO4+ CaCl2=CaWO4↓+2NaCl
3. Decompose the artificial scheelite with acid to get tungstic acid, and then add ammonia water to dissolve it and get ammonium tungstate solution, which is the industrial grade ammonium tungstate, the reaction is as follows:
CaWO4+2HCl=H2WO4↓+ CaCl2 H2WO4+2NH4OH=(NH4)2WO4+2H2O
4. Evaporation and crystallization the ammonium tungstate solution to get APT.