Ammonium Paratungstate Packing

Ammonium Paratungstate Picture

Ammonium paratungstate packing includes of packing of sample and cargo.

Sample ammonium paratungstate packing: Usually sealed with valve bag and then put in an appropriate size of carton, and if there are some spaces, we will fill up with bubble film, bubble bag or other soft padding, to avoid the leakage or other damage and harm caused by the damage of ammonium paratungstate packing during the transportation, handling and other logistics processes.

Usually, the cargo ammonium paratungstate packing is in an iron drum with two layers of polyethylene plastic bag, net weight of 50 or 100 or 200Kgs.

ammonium paratungstate in value bag pictureammonium paratungstate sample packing photo

Matters needing attention:
1. Packaging barrels (bags) should besmear brush a firm sign, content including: product name, rank, net weight and manufacturer name;
2. The capacity net weight of polyethylene plastic bags should be 50 or 100 or 200Kgs;
3. Transportation should be anti-rain and anti-sun exposure, handling careful, to prevent the packaging rupture; and the APT should stored in a cool dry warehouse, sealing to prevent air oxidation and get rid of moisture.